Deborah Fell Lectures Available

Lectures include a Power Point presentation.

Thank You Edward Hopper

This one hour lecture concentrates on Deborah Fell’s art journey–from the beginning in New Hampshire to current day art quilts.  The focus is finding inspiration for your art through your own experiences.

Using Digital Photo Transfer Software Effectively

Confused about using Spoonflower effectively?  There are some key players in getting the end results you want.  An hour of info will help unlock the keys to a great final product.

Gee’s Bend

This is an in-depth journey into the significance of Gee’s Bend quilts and their place in the art quilt world.

Memorial Quilts

From the pioneer days to the AIDS quilt, this lecture gives a comprehensive view of the varied and moving memorial quilts from the Civil War to present day.

The Thread That Runs Through It:  Hope

This lecture focuses on stories of hope that have inspired Deborah Fell’s work over the past thirty years.

The Impact of Technology in Quilting

From the Industrial Revolution to the invention of Square, this lecture focuses on the impact of technology on quilting and the quilting industry.

Dancing on AIR

This lecture traces the steps of Deborah Fell’s Artist-in-Residence experience at the Mendocino Art Center.  The focus of the presentation is finding the courage to step outside of your comfort zone.


Writing narratives for major art quilts is part of Deborah Fell’s approach.  See these quilts while listening to the narratives.  You will be inspired by the powerful combination of words and art.

Lecture Specifics:

  • A contract is required.
  • $300 per lecture.
  • Venue must provide a projector and screen compatible with Windows 10 and HDMI setup.
  • Lodging & food to be paid by venue.
  • Travel expenses to be paid by venue:
    • Airfare, extra baggage fee,  lodging, food, transfers if flying.
    • If flying, venue is responsible for transportation to & from workshop.
    • 58¢ per mile for driving (current gov. rate).
    • If traveling by plane, a gallon of distilled water is needed in the lodging quarters.

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