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I would like to offer a really wonderful opportunity. On November 17—19, I will be teaching a Collage & Quilting workshop at the Mendocino Art Center in the beautiful northern Pacific town of Mendocino, California. The retreat like workshop would be a wonderful present to give yourself. Think retreat in the truest sense. Rooms are available on campus & the entire town is walkable. Time in Mendocino can be life changing!




Scrap Quilting Fun with Deborah Fell
(Ages 15+)
Saturday, 9am-4pm
October 28 (includes a boxed lunch)

Do you embrace the surrounding environment? Do you like to recycle materials and create a greener environment? Do you have a ton of itsy bitsy pieces of fabric remnants that you don’t know what to do with? Then this workshop is for you! This one day, low stress,
workshop uses scraps of fabric from other projects along with mixed media elements such as found objects, papers, lovely trash, interesting textures and repurposed clothing. Bring in a favorite surroundings photo for a starting point for design—this is merely a
starting place for inspiration. You will not replicate the photo but simply use it for a starting place paying attention to its color, shapes, and lines. Students will walk away from the workshop with an art quilt, along with piecing methods that can be used for many other projects. The workshop includes a syllabus, a presentation anddemonstrations. This workshop will be held in the Tarble Atrium. Supply list provided upon registration; sewing machine required. Beginning to advanced levels.

Fee: $80.00 for Tarble members, $100.00 for non-members
Registration deadline: October 16

*Unless otherwise indicated, All materials and tools are included in Class & Workshop fees.



The Quilt & Surface Design Symposium was founded in 1990 by Nancy Crow and Linda Fowler.  28 years later, we strive to present one of the most comprehensive art quilt conferences in the world, offering a wide variety of fiber arts classes and highly-qualified instructors. Michael James, world-renowned quilter and co-founder of the art-quilt movement, calls QSDS “the meeting place to connect with other innovative quilt artists from all over the world.”

May 28–June 1

Three Sisters: Raw Edge Applique, Foundation Piecing & Mark Making: A Magical Trilogy

This unique retreat-like workshop focuses on how quilting relates to you as an artist. We will learn to find inspiration in your work, celebrate your voice as an artist and discover the power of breaking the rules. A series of collage exercises will focus on foundation piecing, raw edge applique and hand stitching. This method celebrates the imperfect, the organic line and mark-making. Quilting is intertwined with our history. It is the common thread that connects people to one another, generation to generation and cultures to other cultures. By its very essence, quilting is a celebration of the human condition. The stitches are like our paths that bring us home after a long journey. 
Daily presentations and discussions focus on how your art relates specifically to these topics. You will walk away from this workshop with a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as an artist along with a more refined artist vision.

Sewing Machine: Yes

Student Level: All Levels



I will be teaching a two day workshop at QSDS on June 2 & 3.  See below.

Mixing Up the Media!

Create 10 to 20 small design studies using a limited amount of materials that are related in color combination.. We will work with mixed media such as paint, paper, fabric, found objects and gel medium to create common elements in the design studies. These studies help clarify your design voice and style. Deborah will share techniques using layering, painting and collage, with an emphasis on mark making. Each day opens with a design presentation and demonstrations of techniques This mixed media play workshop will allow you to step gently out of your comfort zone in a collaborative and supportive environment!

Sewing Machine: Yes

Student Level: All Levels




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