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Quilt/Surface Design Symposium–Columbus, OH

Creating the Illusion of Depth in Art Quilts

May 27–31, 2019

Discover a variety of ways to create the illusion of depth in a two-dimensional plane (in our case, a quilt.) Along with fabric, students will work in a collage style, using mixed media such as paints, papers and found objects to create a series of small studies. We will paint, sew, fuse and glue, concentrating on design principles such as overlapping, placement, size, value and focus. In the end, you will leave with a better sense of command over how to create a feeling of three dimensions, depth and foreground/background within your two-dimensional art.





Quilt/Surface Design Symposium–Columbus, OH

Mixed-Media Techniques to Enhance Art Quilts

Using a limited color palette, we’ll create 10 to 20 small design studies using paint, paper, fabric, found objects and gel medium. Layering, painting and collaging will reveal common elements in the design studies Each day opens with a design presentation and demonstrations of techniques for working with mixed media materials. Everyone will leave with a book of sample studies documenting their experiments.

June 1–2, 2019





Stitchin Post Art Quilt Workshops–Sisters, OR

The Three Sisters: a Magical Trilogy 09/23/19





Hudson River Valley Workshops–Upstate NY 

The Three Sisters: Raw Edge Applique, Foundation Piecing, & Mark Making

Oct 13 – 19, 2019

5-Day Workshop

All Levels




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