The Three Sisters: An Unconventional Approach to Foundation Piecing, Raw Edge Applique & Hand Stitching

This unique, coloring outside the lines, retreat-like workshop focuses on how the combination of raw edge applique, non-traditional foundation piecing, and mark making, can create more options for your design toolbox.   Content includes using these techniques with the collage method to create a more consistent design style.  Using this method allows you to have greater choices when approaching the design and implementation of an art quilt.  Along with celebrating the imperfect, the organic line, and making mistakes, this method opens up innovative avenues for construction options.   Students will also learn the power of limiting your color palette for materials.  Daily presentations provide a firm foundation of knowledge that can be modified to fit with your own work and vision. Using these three techniques can strengthen your ability to make design decisions with greater clarity.  Students will create several small compositions incorporating these techniques, which can be used to jump start a series.  You will walk away from this retreat workshop with more tools and options for you to use in your work.

  • All levels.
  • Sewing machine required.
  • 5 days but workshop can be tailored to your needs.

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Supply List:

  • Bag of scraps:
    • Bring your own.
    • Another option is to look online & buy a packet of like fabric pieces.
    • Fabric stores often have small packages of like fabric.
    • We do not need yardage.
    • Bring a few fat quarters that read as a solid. Make sure to include light, dark & medium.
    • A fat quarter with text on it can be a fun addition.
    • Limit your color palette!
  • 2 yds. Muslin.
  • 1 yd. of natural color 7 oz. unprimed canvas duck cloth.
  • 1 yd. of black duck cloth.
  • Available at
  • Sewing tools:
    • Scissors.
    • Needles that fit your thread—chenille needles work well—make sure the needle eye is big enough for the thread you are bringing.
    • Pearl cotton.
      • size 8 or 12 works well.
      • I don’t recommend embroidery floss.
      • Variegated color works well.
    • Needle threader.
    • Needle grabber.
    • Straight pins.
  • Sewing machine—a walking foot is very helpful.
  • Variety of art paper:
    • In your color palette.
    • That will hold up to stitching.
    • Look for Thai or Japanese handmade papers at art stores.
  • 1 yd. fusible webbing.
  • Note taking materials.
  • Interesting materials like upholstery samples.
  • A few small pieces of sheer fabric.