Paint Play with Unconventional Materials

Want to feel the freedom of a child painting?  This workshop uses unconventional tools and materials to create surface design on fabric.  This painting technique is not exact and very organic in nature.  The imperfections are celebrated and incorporated into the surface design.  So look around and see materials with new eyes.  Tools used will be appropriated from many sources:  kitchen tools, hardware tools, packaging materials, and even things that were on the way to the landfill.  We will work with muslin, three colors of paint and lots of cool repurposed junk.

2–5 days

No experience necessary.

No machine is needed.

Student Supply List

  • 3—6 yards muslin
    • Bleached or natural—personal preference.
  • 1 yard of 7 oz. unprimed duck cloth.
  • 3 colors of paint that work together. 
  • Golden Heavy Body Matte Artist Acrylics
    • 4 oz.
    • Fluid acrylics do not work.
  • Small amount of white & black acrylic paint.
  • Paint palette.
  • Brushes.
  • Paper towels.
  • Deli sheets.
  • Scissors .
  • Straight pins.
  • Plastic for table.
  • Blue painter tape.
  • Painting texture tools.
  • Out of the box materials that might make a fun print.
  • Texture tools.
  • Apron.
  • Little cups for water.
  • Bigger bucket for water at table— a quart or gallon at most.
  • Golden Wetting Agent
  • Small spray bottle.
  • Small bottle with removable cap for mixing wetting agent.