Deborah Fell Workshop Specifics

  • A contract is required.
  • $700 per day for workshops.
  • Venue must provide a projector and screen compatible with Windows 10 and HDMI setup.
  • Lodging & food to be paid by venue.
  • Travel expenses to be paid by venue:
    • Airfare, extra baggage fee,  lodging, food, transfers if flying.
    • If flying, venue is responsible for transportation to & from workshop.
    • 58¢ per mile for driving (current gov. rate).
    • Instructor requires 3 tables/2 design walls.
    • For classes needing sewing machines, one table per student, extension cords & access to electrical plugs.
    • If traveling by plane, a gallon of distilled water is needed in the lodging quarters.
    • If traveling by plane, Bernina sewing machine (with a walking foot) provided for teacher use.

Classroom set up here:

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