September 26, 2013–Part 2

Illinois: Art In The Works – Trailer

First of all, I officially uploaded my first blog on my new website & am feeling like a genius. OK all of you html, css, tech geniuses–stop laughing. Baby steps. Snail’s pace. I will get there so just hang tight.

It’s been a pretty crazy/wonderful month. Our trip to Germany was way beyond amazing. Spent time with loved ones, saw lots of new places and drank lots & lots of really great German beer. As the mom I take pictures~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LOTS of pictures~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~to the dismay of everyone around me. So I came home with 2,000 pics and probably half of those go right into my design folder. I have lots of design ideas; it sort of never stops. If I had the time to create everything in my head, I would have enough art to cover east central Illinois.

Right after Germany was an out patient surgery for an eye problem. All fixed. But it lead to another issue coming up. The good news is that I now have confirmation that I have a brain….the bad news is that I had to have a temporal lobe biopsy. A two inch incision in my head but the stitches came out yesterday. Go me! The really big deal–no horrible name disease. I am wrapped in gratitude.

The biopsy put the totaled car of the previous week in perspective. My husband was driving when another person ran a stop sign and hit him. Gratitude again–he wasn’t hurt. But we just paid off the Saturn Vue a few months ago and damn, have you seen the price of new cars recently? Sticker shock is the understatement.

So I am OK. Andrew is OK. Our dog, who was also in the car accident, is OK–again, gratitude is the theme for the season.

Find something to be grateful for every day.