And so it begins……September 26, 2013

A blog by any other name is still a….personal letter? editorial? thesis? diary? email? Seriously. I always hesitated to try to do a blog because I did not want to hear myself talk. Blah. Blah. Blah…..opps, I mean blog, blog, blog. OK so I will give this a shot since the geniuses who designed my website added it to the menu. Trust me, I am trying to impress myself, not you or anyone else. So what great wisdom will I share? Don’t hold your breath. When I was younger I thought I knew all the answers. Now that I am knocking on the 60th birthday door, I realize I don’t even know the questions. So I will dive in with random thoughts about life, art, health and whatever else pops into my tiny brain. I know, I will try a ‘today’s thought’—that sounds like a good place to start. So today’s thought is…Be smart enough to be scared sometimes. That’s it. That’s all I got for now.